1st Annual Curby Cup – May 22, 2010

Over 2,000 people enjoyed some outstanding competition on Saturday evening. According to meet host Nick Curby, Jake’s older brother, “The Curby Cup was a fitting tribute to Jake. All of the wrestlers went as hard as they could, the only way Jake knew how. The wrestling community in Illinois, as well as around the country, has been very supportive of our family, and tonight was no different. I hope as the Curby Cup continues to grow it will continue to expose wrestling fans to some of the nation’s best wrestling and keep the memory of Jake Curby alive.”


  • Austin Marsden over Josh Marchok 0-2/2-0/3-1
  • Corey Hope over Joey Moorehouse 6-0/1-0
  • Pete Gounaridies over Octavious Belamy 6-0/4-0
  • Nick Harrison over Nicholas Drendel 5-1/0-1/8-2
  • Mark Stenberg over Joe Rau 1-0/1-0
  • Josh Castellano over Dylan Reel 1-0/1-2/2-0
  • Dillan Cowan over Luke Smith 7-0/8-0
  • Mike Sojka over Charles Lewis 2-0/1-0
  • Ellis coleman over Joe Manzella 1-0/1-0
  • Faruk Sahin over John Paun 7-0/7-0
  • Max Nowry over Jake Bellis 6-3/2-1
  • Spenser Mango over Lilishaun Coleman 5-2/F
  • Andy Bisek over Ryan Hope 4-0/6-0
  • Sammy Brooks over Brandon McBride 7-0/6-0
  • Nick Dardanes over Bo Schlosser 6-0/8-1
  • Zane Richards over Ben Whitford 1-0/1-0
  • Chas Betts over Nate Patrick 2-0/1-0

Awards as voted by the wrestlers and kids club wrestlers:

  • The most outstanding Senior was Faruk Sahin
  • The most outstanding Junior/Cadet was Dillan Cowan
  • The most exciting match was the Harrison/Drendel.

Thank you to all the fans, wrestlers and coaches who made this a tremendous event in honor of Jacob Curby and to raise funds to send Illinois wrestlers to Fargo.