Kids Need Dreams and Heroes…The World’s Oldest Sport Gives Them Both

The Curby Clinic gives kids wrestlers to look up to.

The Jacob Curby Foundation helps to support the dreams of our Olympic aspirants through financial support and providing access to high level international competition here in the USA.  Another equally important part of our mission is to deliver the inspiration to start those dreams in our youth and also provide these youngsters with great role models with whom they can identify.  This is why we have teamed with Beat the Streets to make the kids of Chicago an integral part of the Curby Cup experience.

Aleksandr Karelin with Jake Curby and brother Nick.

Aleksandr Karelin with Jake Curby and brother Nick.

My sons, Nick and Jake, were both fortunate to have contact and become influenced by some of our sport’s greatest heroes – people like Dan Gable and Aleksandr Karelin.
The Jacob Curby Foundation wants to help provide that experience for as many young people as possible.The 2011 Curby Clinic was a big success.  Along with watching the world class competition up close, our young attendees also are given Curby Cup credentials identifying them as USA Wrestlers and a t-shirt, participate in a clinic given by our National coaching staff – Steve Fraser and Momir Petkovic, who are both Olympic Champions.  Following the clinic, and prior to the competition, they are served lunch.  From this group of young wrestlers the honor escorts for the competing athletes are chosen.The Flag Bearer at the 2011 Curby Clinic  We want these youngsters to identify themselves as being a part of this championship culture.  The Curby Clinic gives postitive role models to children. Whether they come from kid’s wrestling programs like the Chicago Scramblers, high schools such as Chicago Phillips, Simeon, or suburban schools, they will all be a part of the Curby Cup ethos:

I cannot guarantee a world championship, but I can guarantee total dedication. I will never fail a drug test, I will always be in shape, and I will conduct myself in a manner that will make my sponsors, family and country proud!”   Jacob Curby

World Sport Chicago has supported this effort by providing transportation from various points in the city to the venue at Lyons Township HS in La Grange.   Please consider helping us in creating this powerful experience for as many young people as possible.  Make a donation at:

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